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People are strange…

People are strange. Everyone knows this. Are they strange because we’re strange, making normality odd to us?

My book discusses bad behavior in the workplace. I want to hear your rantings on your experiences with rudeness at work.

2 thoughts on “People are strange…

  1. Once I was in a really bad mood, and this taxi cab driver ran a stop sign in my development and cut me off, when I parked he pulled up behind me, and he was clearly lost and looking for a particular apartment. And I just unloaded on him how “terrible of a person he was for cutting me off” and how “he had no right to ask for my help because he’d gotten in my way!” I got about half way up the steps before I realized how mean that was, but by the time I got back down the stairs to apologize and help him he was already gone…poor man.


  2. I can think of several instances when I have done this. And I have a double standard with regards to it. Overreacting is normal…just don’t do it to me ;)….b


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