Emotional GPS

image credit: flickr.com

In SARK’s newest book, Glad No Matter What, there is a chapter entitled Emotional GPS.

She talks about the difference between responding and reacting. [An example of setting Intentional Moods]. She talks about creating an Emotional GPS in our minds that will “recalculate” the emotional route we happen to be going down at that moment.

She cites her experience at the bank where she was dealing with repairing the damage done by fraudulent checks [an understandably tedious task that only few can handle with grace]. By “recaulculating,” she was able to upshift from her reptilian response to her reasoning cerebral functions. Don’t think it doesn’t take work, and practice.

Fortunately, life offers us many opportunities to practice “recalculating.” When your children are unappreciative of the meal you spent hours cooking just right, “recalculate.” When your boss isn’t satisfied with your best effort, “recalculate.” When there is a long line at the grocery store, “recalculate.”

SARK shares,

“If difficult or destructive feelings persist, I keep recalculating until I’ve discovered a different way to go.”

You will then be in a better place to be able to handle things. Responses inspired by thought and consideration are much better than reptilian reactions any day.

She ends her chapter by saying that “we all have access to an emotional GPS within and can utilize our transformative practices and skills to support feeling our feelings, create new routes, and tell new stories.”

c. 2010


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