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Finally an upside to the strangest of things.

In recent post, I talked about problems often being a matter of focus. Here are some fantastic new ways to reframe some unwelcome situations. How could there possibly be any good in;

  • ANGER??

From First Magazine…

Feeling enraged that you were passed over for a promotion, the kids won’t behave, that people are being rude? You could sit and stew about it, making it worse. Or you could take that time to really channel your fury into something physical.

Your anger will spark the fight-or-flight response, which will give you a surge of adrenaline. Adrenaline increases blood circulation, allowing more oxygen-rich blood to reach the muscles, enabling them to function at higher levels. This makes rage an opportune time for more effective time to hit the gym.

But take note: Yoga or Pilates are better choices than weight training because these activities require a mental focus that can prevent you from ruminating on what riled you, explains Lavinia Rodriguez. Doing yoga also lowers levels of catecholamines, another stress-induced hormone produced by the adrenals, to create a feeling of calm.

Wil Dieck touches on it a little about it on his blog, As Stress Frees You.


The Hope Despite Depression blogger says,

Am I grateful for my depression?  Definitely.  I can’t imagine where I would be in life right now if I didn’t have this illness.  It’s a curse and a blessing – I don’t know how else to describe it.  I certainly don’t want to make it sound like depression is like winning the lottery and that everyone would be lucky to live with it – but since I DO have to live with it I’ve decided to stop fighting it and learn from it instead.  Our life is a journey in self-discovery.  My depression has led me this far – and led me to wonderful people and places.  I truly believe the universe has its plans for each and every one of us and that plan is working out as it should.

Feel free to comment on your unlikely joys.

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4 thoughts on “UNLIKELY JOYS

  1. thanks so much for reading and commenting, sabrina! no, they don't immediately come to my mind when I am listing blessings. john milton was right when he said, “The mind… can make a heaven of Hell,
    a hell of Heaven.”…b


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