I witnessed first-hand an example of the fight response at trivia this weekend.
Friday nights we go uptown to the Buffalo Wild Wing, which sits amidst some other restaurants, nightclubs, and theaters in an area known as the Epicenter. There is a Nascar theme to this particular Buffalo Wild Wing. It attracts a more unruly crowd than what we’re used to.
It’s a large, open space with a central bar area, with three rooms full of tables for dining.  The area is full of TVs with a few arcade games
We usually sit at a table within full sight of the bar, where all of the cheaters sit. As we were playing, we happened to notice that the two girls who were currently in the lead were using their cell phones to “Google” their answers.
We told the Andy, probably the most non-confrontational host in the league. When he saw them, he called them out on it. The girls got really belligerent and defensive.
“I’m sorry, I really can’t accept your answer,” he said.
“OH MY GOSH!! ,” She shrieked, “We were texting. We were having a conversation about…,” she paused for a moment, “…RELIGION!!”
I think we were all so caught off-guard by her answer. We have heard every excuse in the book for having a cell phone out, but this was a first. I think this might have been the only time we have ever been speechless at a cheater.
These girls were caught red handed, and they knew it. But they weren’t going down without a fight.
They continued for about 15 minutes, just arguing and pshawing the host. Their protests were met with unsympathetic ears.
When you are in defense mode, you don’t give up. You have convinced yourself completely of the reality of your version of events, and you are defending that version with all of your might.
It is not until you upshift to your more cerebral brains that you can step back and realize how ridiculous you are being.
Everyone’s been there. It’s just funny.
c. 2011


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