Mistakes : Don’t let your past determine your future

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Sometimes I see big things for my life. There are times when it seems everything that I want is going to work out. Almost inevitably when I am on the cusp of some big adventure, the negative voice of self-doubt creeps in speaking louder than any ray of hope I might have.

It will start as a small helpful voice of caution. But it will replicate itself, growing larger with each incarnation. Pretty soon it takes over. Why would you think you can do that?

You always…

You can’t ever…

You never…

It can [and has] inhibited progress. I find a writing opportunity or project that I’d love to do, but turn it down because I’m not sure I can do it, or follow through with it. When presented with said opportunity, HDTV flashbacks of all of the other times when I have failed will hijack my imagination. In choked panic, I say, “No, I’m much more content to stay stagnant where I am, thank you,” than to even give it a try and risk certain failure.

I know my patterns. I’d rather wring my hands and pout about how I can’t do it, than try to change them if it involves moving out of my comfort zone. Ignoring the glances of others expecting failure.

In these instances, especially when I’m just starting out, I find I need to make myself do it. Eschew distractions. No procrastinating. Just do it. As I am just doing it, I will be blazing new trails, creating routines, making templates or models, making it easier on myself for the future.

“Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.”
― Rita Mae BrownAlma Mater

There is no need to fear mistakes. They can be very valuable when you think about it. Some of the best discoveries were made from mistakes. Make lots of them. A well- rounded person needs to know how not to do things as well as how to do them.

Start every day, every endeavor with a clean slate. There are no mistakes. There is no past. This requires an open mind. Don’t overthink it. Just move forward, lest we suffer from paralysis by analysis. If we mess up, so what? Count it as “research.”

“We learn from failure, not from success!”
― Bram StokerDracula

c. 2015


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